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Art Kit


ALLURE ART kit comes complete with everything you need to create unique abstract ART together with your partner, all by using your own bodies.

All colors are certified and safe to use on the body. If you have any questions, please drop us a line 

Dive into an unforgettable EXPERIENCE

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An ALLURE ART kit includes:
1 x Cotton canvas 1 x 1,37 m on which your magnificent artwork will be made
3 x 100 ml easy washable & safe colors of your choice to be applied on your bodies
1 x Floor protective plastic cover 20 m2 to protect the floor from the color splashes
2 x Pairs of disposable slippers to get to the shower afterwards
1 x Shower sponge to gently remove the color from your skin when taking a shower

Additional Information

The kit is shipped in a descreet packaging as we highly value your privacy.

If you wish to make the packaging extra special- choose our bespoke gift wrap