How it works


To begin, make sure to prepare by placing the protective cover and canvas flat on the floor. For extra comfort, add a blanket underneath. Don’t forget the slippers nearby for easy clean-up later.


Now it’s time to get creative! Apply the colors to your bodies and let your imagination run wild. Save some of one color for the finishing touch, and splash or sprinkle it on the canvas with your hands. Use the shower sponge to easily wash off the colors afterwards.


When your one-of-a-kind masterpiece is ready, let it dry somewhere safe and proudly frame it! Either do it yourself or take it to a local art store for framing.

Share your creation on social media and caption it with #allure-art to receive a special deal on your next kits.

Whats included


2 pair of slippers

Floor protection film

3 colors of choice


Seen on


We just bought one of your sets a couple of months ago and we’ve been finally able to use it. You created something amazing with Allure Art and we will for sure get another one

Thomas, Germany

I bought the kit for my anniversary with my bf and he loved it so much. Thank you, your service was super good

Daniela, Spain

We received our Allure Art kit in the most beautiful packaging – it’s the perfect gift for your other half, as a gift to an adventurous couple you know or just for yourself to throw paint around and create beautiful art! I’ve told everyone how great this kit is, it’s such a wonderful idea and includes everything you need from the paints to clean-up. The perfect gift for an intimate and creative date night – get naked, get messy and have fun! Thank you Allure, we’ll cherish our artwork forever❤️

Rebekah, UK

I really think this concept is underrated. This is a great way for couples to (re- )connect and experience new things. Should be on the list of relationship therapists as a remedy

Daan, Belgium